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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why Are People Nastier On The Internet?

Here are some theories I've come up with. (Note:I do not claim to be an expert.)

  • The anonymity:What would you do if nobody could tell who you were? Many people seem to answer that by acting like jerks. If I meet you in real life, I can guess your age, gender, mood, height, location, etc. Online, I have no proof, just your word. And since you could be anyone, anywhere, all I can do is shoot back a sarcastic reply.
  • They're talking to just a screen:At least, that's how many seem to act. Some think it's because you feel less empathy when you can't see the person. It might also have something to do with the fact that you can't punch someone in an email.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Artistic Disagreement 1

Edited 10/15/2016 to censor ableist langauge.
Here's something that has been bugging me recently. When I read reviews for movies or music or whatever else, there's someone who says something to the effect of  "whoever likes this is a m*ron" or "if you don't like this, then I don't want to know you."

So what you're saying is if someone disagrees with your opinion on this, they're wrong and what's more, they're st*pid. Why? We aren't talking about some big religious or moral issue. In real life, would you really end a friendship because they didn't happen to like your favorite movie?

I admit I do have some problems with this. When I see dislikes on YouTube for a song I enjoy, I have to remind myself those people have a right to not love this. Because sooner or later, I'll end up being the one who decides I'd rather hear something else.