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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reasons I Never Want to Be a Celebrity

Ah, stardom.

  • No privacy:Your failing marriage? All over every gossip magazine and website there is. Your address? Easily Google-able. Your coffee run? Busy being photographed. Heck, there are probably people going through your garbage (and selling it on eBay).
  • Fickle fanbases:Yesterday, they were singing your praises. Today, they're insulting you. And thanks to the aforementioned lack of privacy, they can get rather personal.
  • Bad relationships:When was the last time you heard about a celebrity wedding that lasted longer than a couple years, if that? Every romantic relationship you form seems to just fall apart. And then we have....
  • Obsessed fans:I'm referring to the ones that can also be called stalkers. These are the people who know every detail they can find about you, follow you home, have boards (physical or digital) full of your pictures, and send death threats to your girlfriend.
  • Pressure to look good:Male or female, people are constantly criticizing the way you look. Lots of thinner-than-paper women are told they're too fat. There are websites devoted to rating your outfit. And let's not even get into all the cosmetic procedures.
  • Everyone's a critic:Everyone from your fanbase to your haters are constantly talking about everything from your clothes to your hair to your latest single or acting job. And they aren't going to be nice (or constructive) about it, either.
  • Growing old:Aging is a tough part of life. But with people constantly watching you and wanting you to be perfect, it gets tougher. You also have to try harder to keep their attention.

Can you think of any more reasons?

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