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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Album Review:Fallen


Songwriters and composers:Ben Moody, Amy Lee, David Hodges, Rocky Gray, John LeCompt

Genres:Rock, nu-metal, pop

Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:Having heard Evanescence was all about angsty rock (something I will never tire of), I decided to check it out. And sure enough, there is not a hopeful song to be found here. Soul-rending agony is the star, sung in Amy Lee's (mostly) good vocals.

Three tracks are quieter and slower than the rest ("Helloand the two versions of "My Immortal"). Those are better when they don't immediately follow a louder song. The whole thing is emotional, kind of creepy (just look at the album art), and worth a listen.

P.S. Before anyone mentions the whole Christian band controversy, I don't think Evanescence is one nor that they are anti-Christian.

Track listing

 1. Going Under
Thoughts:In this, the speaker gets out from under a bad relationship, but not the pain it caused. Some points are a bit weak, but it does manage to carry itself.
 2. Bring Me To Life with Paul McCoy
Thoughts:This deals with the problem of feeling dead inside and wanting to wake up, mixing Lee's vocals with McCoy's. The result is satisfying.
 3. Everybody's Fool
Thoughts:This is about fake personas (specifically of celebrities). I liked it rather well.
 4. My Immortal
Thoughts:A piano driven goodbye to a deceased friend. Like I said, this is much better when listened to in isolation from the heavier tracks.
 5. Haunted
Thoughts:Appropriately, this one has a spooky, haunted house feel. It sounds like it's about an abusive relationship (given that the speaker says she both fears and loves the person she's addressing). Fairly enjoyable.
 6. Tourniquet
Thoughts:This song was originally written for a metal band called Soul Embraced. The depressed speaker asks God for salvation, which isn't so bad. But it takes a dark turn once a voice screams "I want to die", and runs with that theme until the end. I would say this one is good but dark. Don't skip the instrumental part at the end; it leads into the next track.
 7. Imaginary
Thoughts:In this, a fantasy world is used to escape the real (and so often depressing) one. Musically, it's kind of heavy, especially considering it's about imagining things. Not bad.
 8. Taking Over Me
Thoughts:This is about desperately trying to find someone at any cost. I don't like this one as much the other songs. The vocals and music are slightly worse.
 9. Hello
Thoughts:A melancholy and slow-paced song that sounds similar to Haunted and is about the death of Amy Lee's sister. It's pretty good. This also contains the ironic line "Don't try to fix me/I'm not broken."
10. My Last Breath
Thoughts:Another song about death. It's not quite as disturbing as Tourniquet, but it's up there. And both songs are pretty good in spite of their unsettling lyrics.
11. Whisper
Thoughts:Also kind of creepy. Most of the good stuff is in the first half; the second half gets repetitive and lower in quality. By the way, does anyone know what the scary voices are saying?
12. My Immortal [Band Version]
Thoughts:This one didn't sound much different from the version above, aside from a louder part near the end.

So what were your thoughts? Dark and beautiful? Or painful to hear?

Two of the songs here were used in the movie Daredevil. My review of that is here.

© 2013 by M.R.R.

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