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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Artistic Disagreement 2

All right, all right. I know I've already talked about this, but it bothers me enough to say some more. Why are people so sensitive about other people not liking the same entertainment?  If you haven't seen Awesome Movie X or if you disliked Great Film Y (or liked Unpopular Flick Z), you're an idiot with horrible tastes, or so some would have you believe.

Whatever happened to "To each their own?"

Believe it or not, opinions on movies, music, etc. are subjective. There is no "correct" opinion. Not everyone is going to think that Recent Superhero Film sucked or Rock Hit of the Week was any good. Acting like they should is pointless.

Image credit:stillphototheater's deviantART
You look like this when you do that.

There are trillions upon trillions of movies, TV programs, internet videos, books, games, blogs, pictures, comics, and songs out there. More are being made as you read this. I (along with everyone else) simply don't have enough time to watch, read, play, or listen to them all. And I (along with everyone else) don't really want to, either. It's silly to hate someone for that.

This might make me sound like I'm against all criticism. I'm not. I'm fine with the guy who says "I hate this series because of plot holes and irritating characters" (because I'm going to be the one to say stuff like that). I mind the one who says "This show and everyone who likes it sucks", or something else equally mean and stupid.

If you don't like Toy Story or The Avengers, you should be able to say so without being called stupid. Likewise, you should be able to say you loved Batman & Robin or [insert favorite widely-panned film here] without being ridiculed. But please, for the love of troll-free forums, respect others and don't be crude or vulgar when expressing your happiness (or lack of it) with what you're reviewing.

Now that I've beaten this idea to death with a stick, I'll tell you how things will work here (turns out there is still some life in it; we must fix that). I post my honest opinion about whatever I'm reviewing. When I finish, I ask you what you thought. You may not agree with what I said, and that's okay. You can say so and detail your reasons for it; I won't delete your comments for that. However, in posting your own honest opinion, I ask you to be respectful of me and all the other people who will put in their two cents.

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