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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia on Batman:Arkham Asylum

This was a little hard, since much of what I thought up would work better when I get around to reviewing the sequel. Oh, and the quotes here are from Joker except where noted otherwise. (I can't help it; he got the good ones.) Click here to read my review.

Come on, boys, he's just one man. One man dressed like a lunatic and armed to the teeth. (laughter) Go get him!
-The Joker really isn't helpful when Batman is about to knock you out cold.

  • Victor Zsasz appears as an enemy in several challenge maps.

Joker:Note to self:Need to order more henchmen. Good ones this time.
-Ya think?

  • A few statues of Quincy Sharp have plaques that say "Sanity fighting the madness." Yeah, right.

And at the end of fear, oblivion!
-One of Scarecrow's game over screens.

  • Ra's al Ghul's corpse appears in the morgue. If you go back after solving the riddle about him, the body bag will be empty. Creepy.

      Joker:Hey, Bats, go easy on him, hhmm? For me? Oh, h***, what do I care? Do your worst!
      -Remind me again why you decided to work for this guy.

      • Various souvenirs from Batman villains can be found in the mansion. They include Penguin's umbrellas, Catwoman's goggles and gloves, and Black Mask's namesake mask.

      Is your mind playing tricks on you.. Or am I?
      -I think it's you, Dr. Crane.

      • The thug named Razor in this game can't be the same one mentioned in Arkham City. Why not? After Joker blows up the poor guy, look at his body with Detective Mode on. It will tell you he's dead.

      Joker:Batman's taken out one of your crew. Did you even notice?
      -Of course not.

      • Kevin Conroy voices both Batman and Thomas Wayne.

        Joker:I have faith that you're the ones to stop him. And if you don't, Faith is going to have a nasty accident.
        -Very nasty.

        • No matter which order you open the body bags in at the morgue, you'll see Thomas Wayne first, then Martha, then finally Scarecrow.

        Joker:Paging Dr. Bat, paging Dr. Bat. Is there a Dr. Bat in the room?

        -Oh, yes. Yes, there is.

        Spoilers follow
         If you haven't played the game yet, you may not want to read past this point.

        Joker:Nothing to be afraid of. It's just a man who likes to dress up as a bat and... eeugh, come to think of it, he is kind of scary.
        -I may have gotten this one wrong.

        • If you try to break Clayface out of his cell with explosive gel, it won't work.

        Joker:Hey, don't be scared. He's just a little bat. You can take him. Probably. Well, between you and me, it's statistically unlikely, but you never know.
        -Oh, how comforting.

        • Joker doesn't manage to release every inmate after all. Besides Clayface, there's a one-armed man nearby who's still in his cell.

        Wear the collar; it'll keep you safe. Yeah, right. Knowing Joker, it's probably got a bomb in it.
        -A henchman being rather smart.

        • You know what fears of Batman's are manifested in the final Scarecrow sequence? A) His adversaries have succeeded in driving him insane, so Joker no longer has any reason to let him live, B) they know who he is, and C) there is no one left to stop them from tearing Gotham apart. The only good news is that they don't get along very well, so they wouldn't get far before killing each other. Not that it would help Gotham City a bit.

          Joker:I want Gotham to melt in a tidal wave of corrosive goo. Is that too much to ask?
          -Apparently so.

          • If you solve all the riddles, you can hear the Riddler being arrested over the radio. It's rather entertaining.

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