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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Double Standard Modesty

Warning:You may not want anyone reading this over your shoulder.

One of the most prevalent and irritating double standards regarding nudity is the shirtless one:A man can go without a shirt and it's considered okay. But a woman must not appear in public without her nipples covered (unless she's a stripper).

This makes no sense to me. Nipples look the same no matter which gender we're talking about. What then makes a woman's obscene? This makes even less sense when you take breastfeeding into account. By declaring female breasts inappropriate, you're making it more difficult for us to feed our children.

Part of the problem is likely the sexual obsession with boobs. Compare all of a woman's body parts that are most heavily sexualized. I will bet you that breasts come at number one, even more so than genitalia.

Another thing I'd like to get into:When discussing modest clothing and inappropriate amounts of skin, almost all of it is directed at women. This is unfair to both genders because by emphasizing immodest women over immodest men you are a) telling men that they have no control over their sexual desires, b) telling women they are expected to have complete control over theirs. Contrary to Hollywood myths, I do have a sex drive and think thoughts that aren't exactly pure.

So in summary, stop the sexist double standards. I would be very happy if you would stop telling me my nipples are taboo.

Any immature or crude comments about boobs will be deleted.

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