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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Album Review:Casting Crowns

Artist:Casting Crowns

Songwriters:Mark Hall, Steven Curtis Chapman, Hector Cervates, Darrell Evans

Genres:Worship, pop rock

Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:Here we have the start of the career of one of the biggest worship bands out there.

About half the songs are quiet while the other half is straight-up Christian rock. Subject matter includes critical judgement within the church, speaking the truth to a friend who might soon be lost, workaholism at the expense of one's family, and praise to the Lord.

If you like worship music, you may want to check this out. Not excellent, but not bad either.

Track Listing

1. What If His People Prayed
Thoughts:The most aggressive track on the album. It challenges Christians to call on God. Pretty good.
2. If We Are The Body
Thoughts:This confronts our habit of being judgmental towards people who come to our churches and gatherings. Vocals aren't great. The song is okay, though.
3. Voice Of Truth
Thoughts:In this, the speaker declares he will "listen and believe the Voice of Truth [i.e. God]." Fairly good.
4. Who Am I
Thoughts:Am I really worth God Himself caring about me? That is the question this song asks. The answer seems to be "No, but He does anyway". Nice song.
5. American Dream
Thoughts:My favorite Casting Crowns song. It's about a workaholic who neglects his family. While it's something that we've seen before, it's also rather sad.
6. Here I Go Again
Thoughts:The speaker asks God to help tell a friend whose time is lacking about Him. It's slow moving, and for a Christian, it's a sad reminder.
7. Praise You With The Dance
Thoughts:This is done with all female vocals. Average quality.
8. Glory
Thoughts:An mediocre hymn about being completely devoted to God.
9. Life Of Praise
Thoughts:One of the best worship/rock songs on the album.
10. Your Love Is Extravagant
Thoughts:This one is more mellow without being sad. Good ending.

How did you feel about it? A good start to a great career? Or an overrated pile of rubbish?

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