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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Album Review:Maybe I'm Dreaming

Artist:Owl City

Songwriters:Adam Young

Genres:Synthpop, alternative

Notes:Album art was from the official site, but is no longer available there.

General thoughts:Adam Young's lyrical style has always been strange. Take this line from "Dear Vienna".

"Farewell, all my friends/In textbooks, I'm going home/Cause my blood cells cannot depend/On the weather in photographs."

I don't know what it's supposed to mean, do you? So if weird lyrics turn you off, skip this album (and any other by Owl City).

Several songs made me gently move to the beat. Musically, they are often soft and a little slow. The overall feel was calm and serene, like a lullaby. (I'm not going to be able to talk about the individual tracks without reusing words or not understanding what it's about, so bear with me.)

If you like tranquil pop and don't mind odd lyrics, check this out.

Track listing

1. On The Wing
Thoughts:A song about a summer romance. The rhythm makes you move to the music. Enjoyable.
2. Rainbow Veins
Thoughts:Upbeat, yet it hints at a loss of innocence. Pretty good.
3. Super Honeymoon
Thoughts:A bizarre story about a celestial honeymoon. It's one of the semi-upbeat tracks.
4. The Saltwater Room
Thoughts:Another love song. It says only time will tell if the couple will fall in love. It seems they're talking about genuine, sacrificial love, not sappy infatuation.
5. Early Birdie
Thoughts:This is about going sightseeing. Mellow and good for when you need to chill out.
6. Air Traffic
Thoughts:More calm stuff, one of the most relaxed songs on the album.
7. The Technicolor Phase
Thoughts:More up than the previous songs. Not sure what's it supposed to be about.
8. Sky Diver
Thoughts:This song actually is about sky diving. And it's another mellow track.
9. Dear Vienna
Thoughts:This has a slightly melancholy feel. It asks if Vienna (not sure if that's the city or a person) is still singing. I enjoyed it.
10. I'll Meet You There
Thoughts:In this, the speaker says he will meet the addressee wherever she is. Weirdly, this song often makes me think of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.
11. This Is The Future
Thoughts:This is a strange mix of the fast and slow stuff. It reminds someone that they are alive and not alone.
12. West Coast Friendship
Thoughts:The fastest paced song on the album. A good ending track.

What did you think? Was it just like a dream? Or did it put you to sleep?

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