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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Musical Devices I'm Sick Of

Image credit:MichaelMaggs at Wikimedia Commons

I've done plot devices; now onto music.

  •  Repeating Syllables:One thing that often comes up in pop music are stretched-out words. I don't know about you (ou-ou-ou), but I can name a couple of songs I would have liked better were it not for this. 
  • Hidden Tracks:What is the point of these? They make it harder to do playlists. It would work better if you just made two tracks instead.
  • Overlapping Lyrics:Occasionally, different parts of the song will be sung at the same time. I find this a little distracting, because I have to pay closer attention to catch what's being said.
  • Exclusive tracks:Maybe you have to buy the album at a particular store or download it from a particular site. In any case, it's annoying and inconvenient.
  • Deluxe editions:These don't bug me unless I already bought the non-deluxe version. Then I'm annoyed at having to pay extra to buy an album I already got.

Anything else?

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