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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fashions We Need To Stop Encouraging

Society is pretty messed up and focused on looks over personality (which is yet another subject I might get into sometime). Here are some of the "looks" we should quit treating as great.

You've seen it all over. According to the media, if you're not thin, you can't be beautiful, particularly if you're female. Celebrities who are even the slightest bit flabby get absolutely eviscerated for being "fat." And everybody's obsessed with the latest diets, many of which are worse for you than carrying around a few extra pounds.

High heels
What is wrong with wearing shoes you can actually walk in? Why must good-looking shoes be such a pain?

In addition to constant get-thin-quick scams, you also see people can't stand the thought of looking old. Heaven forbid you have any gray hairs or wrinkles, because it's not like that happens to everyone eventually. You know, there's this great way to make sure you don't have to worry about the effects of aging. Works every time. It's called dying young.

Clear-as-crystal skin
Whenever you look at pictures or videos of beautiful people, they have perfect skin. In real life, I have zits, dead skin, and moles. Why shouldn't celebrities?

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