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Saturday, April 19, 2014

3 Personality Quiz Annoyances

I like personality quizzes, but since I also like to use this blog to complain, here are things that need to stop.

Questions that depend upon me having watched a certain movie or listened to a certain song:Maybe I'm just not interested or maybe I was young when it came out and my parents would have needed to be high before they'd let me watch it. In any case, if I see a question like this and I can't answer it, I'm going to quit.
Instead:Ask about genres rather than a specific film or song.

Insulting results:I don't mean when the Disney princess I get is Ariel instead of Belle. I mean when you get your results and then they insult you. For example, I took a quiz asking which magical Lord of the Rings species I would be. When I got a human, they said I was boring. In another about dealing with romantic relationships, I was told I was a pushover. And most of the answers that according to them would have been better were selfish and hurtful.
Instead:Give takers constructive criticism.

Not enough questions:Three questions is not enough, especially if this is a quiz based on the percentage of A or B answers I get.
Instead:Pick a number like 10 or 15 and write that many questions.

What else would you like to add?

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organizednowplease said...

I hear you. I have tried some of those Facebook quizzes and they are silly and seem like very little went into them. I hate when the questions are so obvious which princess they will give you. If you pick that you want to live under the sea, you probably will get Ariel. Try looking at Psychology Today. The quizzes are longer, but the results are much more interesting.

M.R. R. said...

@ organizednowplease
Thanks for the suggestion.

lillian888 said...

Quizzes which limit the choices toward a pretty obvious result annoy me. If somebody is going to go to the effort of constructing a quiz, make it worth the effort both of being made and being taken. Results that spark conversations are worthwhile. (Thanks for visiting my blog!)

M.R. R. said...

@ lillian888
You're welcome.