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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Album Review:Comatose

Here's the first review of the month. There will more to come soon, starting tomorrow.

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Songwriters:John Cooper, Brian Howes

Genres:Christian rock, hard rock

General Thoughts:Sometimes, I listen to a song and don't like it. I listen to it a few more times, and it soon becomes one of my favorites. That's what I did with several tracks here. Others have remained just okay or not good in my mind.

There seems to be two tones among the album:Hard rock about God and pain, then slightly less hard stuff that's mostly about relationships. While there are good songs of the latter, the former is the stronger side of this album. Skillet is one of those bands that often references God, though they don't mention Him by name. Several tracks are about living for or desperately needing Him.

All in all, this is some worthwhile Christian rock I would recommend.

Track Listing

 1. Rebirthing
Thoughts:This is about dying to oneself and living for God and love. A strong start, though the background vocals aren't the best.
 2. The Last Night
Thoughts:The speaker tells a suicidal friend she will no longer be alone. It then mixes John Cooper's lyrics with Korey's. Pretty good.
 3. Yours To Hold
Thoughts:A song about wishing a crush would notice you and the fact that you'll be there for them. I'm not enthusiastic about it.
 4. Better Than Drugs
Thoughts:This compares a relationship with God to a drug high. Jesusfreakhideout called it daring, while a friend of mine didn't like it because she felt it limits God. I'll let you decide which one is right. I did enjoy the beat, though.
 5. Comatose
Thoughts:In this, the speaker acknowledges a need for God. In addition to rock, it adds violin strings to the mix. It's pretty awesome.
 6. The Older I Get
Thoughts:This expresses regret over a failed relationship. It's one of the better of the mellow songs.
 7. Those Nights
Thoughts:A sentimental song about having fun with friends to forget about one's problems. Enjoyable.
 8. Falling Inside The Black
Thoughts:This is the most pain filled track on the album. Aloneness, sorrow, despair, etc. Pretty good.
 9. Say Goodbye
Thoughts:Similar subject matter to "The Older I Get". A relationship is turning unsteady. Okay, not great.
10. Whispers In The Dark
Thoughts:The way this one starts, one might think it'll be a quiet track - for about 10 seconds. Then it gets loud. It's from God's point of view to one of His children, promising them they'll never be alone. Great song.
11. Looking For Angels
Thoughts:Most of the lyrics are spoken rather than sung. It gets into various problems with society. I'm not that into it because of the style.

Content Warnings:As mentioned, "Better Than Drugscompares God's love to getting high. "The Last Nightreferences cutting and suicide, though it condones neither (I'd recommend this song for teens, but not young children).

So what did you think?

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CA Heaven said...

Nice song. I like the heavy stuff to, but I mostly listen to black metal >:)

Cold As Heaven

Enchantress said...

looks interesting