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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Album Review:Skillet Piano Tribute

I'm not done talking about Skillet. Also, this was a lot shorter than the other review I had.

Artist:Piano Tribute Players

Genres:Classical, piano

General thoughts:All but one of the songs here are from Comatose. I can't say there are any tracks here I wouldn't have included. They got all but two tracks, actually.

It's not their most polished effort, but it properly captures the emotion behind the music. It even manages to make me like two of the songs better. Overall, this tribute album does the band justice.

Track Listing

 1. Whispers In The Dark
 2. The Last Night
 3. Comatose
 4. The Older I Get
 5. Savior
 6. Rebirthing
 7. Yours To Hold
 8. Falling Inside The Black
 9. Say Goodbye
10. Better Than Drugs

So what did you think?

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