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Friday, April 25, 2014


Today, I think I'll talk about vampires.

  • The best vampire story I've heard so far is the original Dracula. No mushy romance or romanticized monsters, just tension and a creepy bad guy.
  • You hear a lot of talk about the zombie apocalypse, but hardly ever a vampire apocalypse. We should explore the latter more often, since vampires would pose a greater threat (unless we're talking about fast zombies).
  • I have not read or watched Twilight. I might so I can see exactly how bad it is.
  • I prefer vampires as bloodthirsty predators as opposed to vampires as good guy love interests. The latter can be done well, but there's a difference between potential and execution.
  • Speaking of that, I'm not sure why vampires are so romanticized now. Let's see:Potentially ancient creatures that want to bite your throat and suck your blood. How exactly is that romantic? It's one thing to portray them as cursed beings trying to overcome their thirst, but it's another to act as though anyone who is wary of them is just bigoted.
  • On the flip side, if you're going to make all vampires automatically evil in your work, at least state that. That way, nobody starts to wonder if the "hero" is really a murderer.
  • And being a vampire might seem cool until you take weaknesses into account. Typically, even if sunlight doesn't kill you, you'll still want to avoid it. Second, if you go into a frenzy every time you smell blood, you can't go out in public very much. 
  • I watched the NBC version of Dracula until they stopped making new episodes. I liked it in an melodramatic way.

Anything else you want to add?

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Stephanie K said...

My personal favorite vampire series is the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Slightly different take on vampires, they don't feed off humans but from the opposite sex of their race.
And they're definitely not the stereotypical good guy. In fact, one of the books' heroes nearly lost himself to drug addiction. Sounds nuts for a vampire, but in J. R. Ward's beautifully crafted world, it's entirely believable.

robertlampros said...

Vampires are a good metaphor for people who are in search of personal pleasure or pride or other selfish things. Christ says the road is wide and easy that leads down to death. Narrow and difficult is the way that leads to life. Instead of sucking life from others we should be looking to help supply it.

M.R. R. said...

@ Stephanie K
Hmm, maybe I'll check it out.

@ robertlampros
Indeed we should.