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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Random Thoughts About Music

Today, I'll just ramble aimlessly about music.

  • A good song can make one feel serene. It can also keep me from wanting to kill my travel companions during a road trip.
  • I don't often mind generic songs that much. I give certain subjects (like pain and misery) more leeway than others (like happy and encouraging), though.
  • Why is it most music videos have nothing to do with what the song is actually about?
  • I don't listen to the radio because most of the artists I like don't tend to get many plays (and if they do, it's often one or two songs and that's it).
  • I still buy CDs. Probably will until they stop making them altogether. I just prefer having a physical disc that I can play. That's not to say I don't use my MP3 player extensively. I just like having a physical backup.
  • Speaking of backups, I now keep all my music on a flash drive.
  • Have you ever picked up a single album by a band you've heard of but not really listened to, decided you liked it, and then a few months later, you find out the band is breaking up? So far this has happened to me twice. (And in case you're wondering, the artists in question were Superchick and Anberlin). It's like getting into a new show and then finding out they're cancelling it.
  • I've never been to a concert. Sure, it might be fun, but all the crowds would drive me nuts.

Any more randomness about music?

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Laurel Garver said...

Apparently music has become essential at all mealtimes at our house, because according to my tween, her dad and I chew too loudly. Parenting is such a joy at times. It's part of God's plan to keep us humble, I guess. LOL.

Happy A-Zing
Laurel's Leaves

Fivehearts Onefamily said...

Mr. Sexy (my husband) is always telling me I need to listen to music more often. It really can help lift up your mood. Providing the right type of music is on of course.

I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge.