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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why Vampires Are Scarier Than Zombies

Made using Heromachine 3. Not quite sure how I feel about it.

These two creatures have some things in common. They're both undead, haunt our horror movies, and you don't want either to bite you. However, I say vampires are more dangerous than zombies. Here's why.

  • They're faster and stronger. Whether zombies are fast or slow depends on the series, but vampires are generally faster than humans. Also, zombies tend to not have a whole lot of individual strength, whereas our bloodsucking buddies have super human strength.
  • They can strategize. Zombies are what humans become when they lose the ability to reason and then fall back on instinct. Vampires can still reason and strategize.
  • They can blend in. I've seen a grand total of one film (Warm Bodies) where a zombie was able to pass off as human. Vampires, on the other hand, can pretend to be human. Sure, there might be some issues with the pale skin and the fangs, but it is possible.
  • They have the capacity for sadism. Zombies are basically animals. When they attack, they do it out of a need for food or defense. They are incapable of taking pleasure in causing pain. But our fanged friends act on more than instinct, meaning they can enjoy causing misery.
  • They can seduce humans. With poor personal hygiene, lacking conversational skills, and the inability to control themselves around a potential meal, zombies aren't exactly being mobbed by admirers. But vampires are not only able to court humans, they tend to have little trouble doing so.
  • They last longer. I'm not sure how long the average life (or rather unlife) span of a zombie is. But considering factors like decomposition, getting eaten, getting shot, ability to blend in (see above), etc., I'm guessing it isn't long. A vampire on the other hand will probably outlive your great-grandchildren's great-grandchildren.

So which do you prefer? Walking corpses or bloodsucking immortals? And also, yay! I finished the challenge!

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