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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Depression In Christ

Why is it in when I'm in the presence of other Christians, I don't feel I can be my honest self? Why do I feel like I have to hide?

Maybe part of it is the Christians who seem to believe you can never be unhappy. That if you're ever depressed, well you need to stop that because it displeases God.

But shouldn't we be able to be honest with each other? Why must we have to put on an act to avoid judgement?

I don't want to have to act happy and hide how messed up I am. I want to be able to open up (actually, this is a general problem for me, but let's stick to the issue at hand).

Are we afraid that people will think we're bad Christians? Do we fear rejection? If that's so, it's a really sad comment on the status of the Church. We're supposed to be helping each other. In any case, I'd like to find a group somewhere that doesn't make me feel like I need to cover my faults and hide my doubts.

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Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Have you took a good look at Jesus' own disciples? Far from a perfect lot. There were doubters & boasters. They had prejudices. Some stuggled with greed. They were far from perfect. The miracle was that Christ could see what they could be in Him. Every Chirstian stuggles with something. If any one Christian proclaims they don't, then they might need to check thier Christianity. Yes, in general, Christians should be positive people. Because they have the Hope and they know the Truth and they know the One. But we aren't perfect this side of heaven. We should be able to express to each other our weaknesses, our troubles. For that is why our Lord guides us through those times, that we might encourage others.

Joanne said...

found you on the A to Z road trip. Love this title. Hang out with me. Don't know what I am but I won't judge. Good luck and be yourself.

M.R. R. said...

@ Barbara In Caneyhead
And you are one of the people encouraging me. Thank you.

@ Joanne
Thanks and I will.

Stephanie K said...

As a non-Christian, I understand the instinct to hide your true self. Especially if it's an issue of sadness, it seems rediculous to hide it. To me, that just seems like it'd make things worse. Repression is never a good thing.