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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This Fall's TV

Just a few things about the TV schedule for later this year.

Now that ABC has officially renewed Agents of SHIELD for a second season, here are a few things I think they should do with it.

  • Introduce characters who won't get their own movies. There are myriads of good characters that would be fun to see. Why not show us a few?
  • Give minor characters more screentime. Building on the last one, I'd be interested in seeing them do what they did with Lady Sif and Agent Maria Hill:Taking minor characters from the films and giving them extra time to be awesome.

They have also announced they're going to do a show about Peggy Carter from Captain America. Because I liked the movie, I just have to watch a show set in this universe, and it has a female protagonist, I likely will be seeing it when it comes out.

I've heard some conflicting rumors about what happened with Dracula. First, I heard it was getting renewed, then that it had been canceled. I found out the latter is true.

So here are other shows that I had interest in.

  • Big Bang Theory:Coming back for at least three more seasons
  • The Blacklist and Grimm will be coming back.
  • There's going to be a show called Stalker, which will be about, guess what, crimes related to stalking. I'll probably check it out at some point or another.

So any shows you're looking forward to?

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1 comment:

Maria Dunn said...

I like NCIS, NCIS LA, Blue Bloods, Sherlock, Castle, Hawaii 5-O, and Elementary. I wish they would bring back Leverage. That was such a great show! Enjoy your viewing. Maria @ Delight Directed Living