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Saturday, May 24, 2014

What Is Fellowship?

Just a short post about something I've had to think about: How and where to talk about God and spiritual issues. The Bible study I was attending wasn't helping me and even if it was, they don't do it in the summertime.

I know I need to talk to other Christians. But where and when should I? Will online fellowship be enough?

The point of fellowship is to talk about God and how He wants you to live your life. To strengthen each other. To spend time with others to sharpen your faith. To think about things you wouldn't have by yourself.

So how and where do you find help from others in this area?

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Chris said...

Online fellowships sound promising and hopefully you can make friends there that will carry over to your 'real life'. Most devout Christians I encounter online are very friendly and always willing to talk about God and faith and whatnot.

If not there's got to be some sort of peer group or church-sponsored activity for you to try? Hope you find someone with whom you can share your thoughts and questions.

p.s. I finally got around to listening to Superchick and I really like them. Thanks for recommending!

The Pedestrian Writer

M.R. R. said...

@ Chris
Thanks for the encouragement. And you're welcome about Superchick.