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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Entertaining Arguments

(Yes, the title sucks.)

Here's a little something Christians get into all manner of arguments about:What entertainment is appropriate.

It annoys me when people judge me for my entertainment choices. They say stuff like "No true Christian would watch such a sinful show." Right, because you're the one who decides that. If you find something disturbing or crude, then by all means. Don't watch it. Rant about it if you want. But not every show or book or whatever that offends you personally is a stumbling block to everybody. Yes, some have few redeeming features, but don't automatically assume everyone who has ever enjoyed them is a terrible person.

On that note, if it is a stumbling block to someone else, please have the decency not to watch it or bring it up in front of them.

And now something I've heard a little about:Cultural relevance.

Let me be honest. I didn't watch Dracula, or read The Hunger Games because I wanted to stay "culturally relevant"; I did it because I enjoyed them. I don't think non-Christians care if you watch Big Bang Theory as much whether or not you're genuine.

And on one final note about "clean" entertainment versus not so "clean" stuff, maybe it's not that people specifically avoid the less offensive stuff, it's that it tends to be poorer quality.

So there's my two cents. Want to add yours?

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Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I believe each person is to make thier own choices under direction of the Holy Spirit. Personally, I find the Big Bang Theory a hoot! It has very little to do with the Big Bang and is mostly the story of three brillant nerds coping with life.

M.R. R. said...

@ Barbara In Caneyhead
I love Big Bang Theory too. I picked it as an example because it's pretty popular.

Maybe I'll try to reply to comments again. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.