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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia:The Hunger Games

This is for both the book and the movie.

  • Katniss being the Girl on Fire fits her because she can be described as fiery.
  • It's actually quite easy to combine Katniss and Peeta's first names to make a ship name without it being crude. You could call them Katta or Keeta. Or maybe Patniss.
  • They probably did the bloodprint thing to make sure all the potential tributes were there.
  • So why in the movie do they call Katniss by her full name, but not the other tributes? What in-universe reason is there?
  • Did Snow used to be a Peacekeeper?
  • Something easy to forget is that the Games are a reality show. Think about it. You've got alliances (and betrayals), showmances, and a dramatic story that's just some trickery.

    Beware of spoilers after this.

    • Was the faked romance part of a rebel plan? How long has the rebellion been underground? And for how long have Haymitch and Cinna been part of it? Did Peeta think of the romance thing himself?
    • Is it possible Thresh was part of the rebellion? Is that why he spared Katniss? And what about Foxface?
    • I wouldn't be surprised if there was something romantic or sexual going on between Cato and Clove, particularly after the rule change.
    • Is the little girl mentioned near the end the granddaughter of Snow's brought up in Mockingjay? (In the movies, she is.)

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