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Friday, July 11, 2014

Album Review:Relient K

Artist:Relient K

Songwriters:Matt Thiessen, David Kurtz, Michael Jacobs, Al Burton

Genres:Christian rock, punk

General thoughts:Early on in their career, Relient K had a lot of songs that were silly or about God (or both). That is certainly the case here. In fact, out of all their albums, this one has the most songs that are both silly and obviously about God. Depending on how much you like it compared to their other stuff, this could easily be a bad thing.

This album isn't terrible, but it's far from great. I'm glad I was already into Relient K when I listened to it.

Track Listing

 1. Hello McFly
Thoughts:The speaker considers something he did and wishes he could take it back, time travelling like Marty McFly. Not bad.
 2. My Girlfriend
Thoughts:A somewhat goofy song about a girl who gets consumed by Marilyn Manson's work. The speaker (her ex-boyfriend) sounds a little resentful about it. Not bad, either.
 3. Wake Up Call
Thoughts:Sometimes, God smacks you in the head to tell you something. That's more or less what this is about. I liked it, but they should have let it stand on its own and end without needing a second track to do so.
 4. Benediction
Thoughts:This serves as an ending to the previous track. It's okay.
 5. When You're Around
Thoughts:A uppity song about being in God's presence. It's not one of the better songs.
 6. Softer To Me
Thoughts:This is the most serious song on the album, as well as the heaviest. It wishes for life to not be so harsh. It's definitely one of the better tracks.
 7. Charles In Charge
Thoughts:This is a cover of the theme from the show of the same name (which I've never watched). It's okay.
 8. Staples
Thoughts:A rather upbeat song about a kid getting into an accident and almost dying. Mildly amusing.
 9. Anchorage
Thoughts:A short, okay instrumental track.
10. 17 Magazine
Thoughts:A song poking fun at teen magazines. It's okay, just okay.
11. Balloon Ride
Thoughts:This is about gaining clarity. It's one of the better songs here.
12. Everything Will Be
Thoughts:This being a cheerful song reminding you everything will be fine, it's not my favorite.
13. Nancy Drew
Thoughts:A goofy little song about the singer's crush on Nancy Drew. As with most songs here, it's decent.
14. K Car
Thoughts:Another silly song, this time about a car. It also reminds you as long as Jesus is driving the metaphorical car of your life, you'll be fine. Also decent.

So what did you think?

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