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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Life As A Christian Agnostic

When you're a child, you tend to believe what you're told. This goes from food to school, and to religion. But when you get a little older, it becomes less likely that you believe for the sake of believing.

Oh, I still haven't given up my faith. And I've thought of some reasons beyond I don't know what else to believe (some things in nature are too complex to have happened by chance, for instance). But my relationship with it has changed. Sometimes, I wonder if there's really something to this, or if it's all for nothing. I think my continued faith might partially be out of habit.

But even if I stop being Christian, I think I'll stay theist or at least agnostic. Frankly, the thought of this world and life being all there is depresses me. Whether I go that way or not, I should still think about my beliefs and why I have them.

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