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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia on Batman:Arkham City

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We have a visual on Batman. He is kicking all kinds of a** down there.
-A TYGER guard's report.

  • Black Mask and Deadshot make brief appearances at the start of the game. Take a look around before you actually enter Arkham City to see them.

    Batman's kicking the crap out of those guys.
    -Another TYGER report.

      • When you're in the Joker's loft, zoom in near the feet of Harley's old outfit. You'll find something interesting there. This will unlock a short song that plays in the credits.

      Batman wins.
      -The Dark Knight:1. Henchmen:0.

      • Head to the barge just outside Joker's territory and get out your cryptographic sequencer to open a trap door. Enter it to find an Easter egg.

        I'm not sure I feel comfortable surrounded by so much ugly.
        -Catwoman regarding her current predicament.

        • After you fight Ra's al Ghul, go down to the sewers near Amusement Mile until you see a button. Toss a remote-controlled batarang at it and brace yourself for a jump scare.

        Is that the sound of one of your faces hitting something hard? I hope so.
        -Yeah, they're gonna die.

        • Early in the game, there's one group of enemies who will run and hide when they see you coming rather than attack you. It's kind of funny. The rest of the game, most enemies you come across try to attack you and will mock you if you don't knock them out. Because you most definitely want to annoy the guy who has made a reputation of beating criminals to a pulp.

        Augmented reality training failed.
        -Undoubtedly one of the most annoying lines in the game.

        • If you think about it, many of the villains you see here are dark mirrors of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Zsasz was born into money, Ra's al Ghul was probably a lot like Batman before centuries of corruption, Penguin's a rich businessman, and then there is Hugo Strange's whole I-will-be-a-hero-just-like-you thing.
        • The second Catwoman mission is the only time during the game that you can explore the church as Selina. Anytime after that, the inner doors will be barricaded.
        • Ra's called Talia the only one Batman ever loved. But what about Catwoman? Since I find it unlikely he doesn't know about her, he might think she's just a pretty distraction for Batman, nothing more. Talia on the other hand might believe that Bruce will choose her because he can be immortal with her but not with Selina.
        • It is just me or are the Riddler's lines in Riddler's Revenge prerecorded?
        • Exactly how long were Selina and Ivy talking?
        • Is it just me or is the toughness of the ninjas and the TYGER guards just a lot of talk? They go down fairly easily for people who are supposed to be able to hold their own against dozens of people.

                               Spoilers follow
          You may not want to read past here if you haven't played the game yet, comment section included.

          That is pretty funny.
          -The Joker's last words.

          • After you've completed the side missions, switch to Catwoman and visit Mad Hatter, Zsasz, Bane, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Deadshot, Calendar Man, and Mr. Freeze to hear extra dialogue
          • As soon as Strange said he would take his place at his master's side, you had to know who was pulling the strings. If it had been someone else, he might have said "boss," but who besides Ra's al Ghul would he call "master?"
          • I've heard the generic inmates from the last game were experiments in mind control over the TYGER guards. If this is true, then a horrifying thought occurs to me:Just how many lives did Strange destroy perfecting his control?
          • Strange's vendetta against Batman got as personal as it did because Ra's still hasn't chosen which one to make his heir. And whoever wins gets immortality, leadership of the League of Assassins, and Talia's hand in marriage (or so I'm assuming).
          • Speaking of Ra's, he probably still wanted Batman to lead the League, but he was running out of time and needed a male heir. He might have thought if the detective won't accept, he'll see if Strange is worthy of being that successor.
          • If not for Protocol 10, I think either Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy would survive the longest. Freeze because he has no problem with the cold temperatures, and Ivy since she can grow her own food and can use any guy foolish or unlucky enough to get near her as a bodyguard. 
          • If you use any of the Harley heads after you've beaten the game, the only thing you hear is Quinn's sobbing. And if you use any in Harley Quinn's Revenge, she angrily tells you to leave her alone.
          • I have no doubt Ra's al Ghul will be resurrected and probably come back for a future installment. Talia I'm not sure about. I doubt that Strange and Joker will, though.
          • Talia's death marks the second time in this series Batman has failed to save a woman (the first being Dr. Young in the last game).
          • Harley Quinn's Revenge has confirmed Quinn is not (and perhaps never was) pregnant. Unless they decide to make it non-canon.

          For speculation on the first game, look here.

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