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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Why Movie Aliens And Villains Prefer New York City

Have you noticed in many action movies about terrorists/aliens/giant monsters/natural disasters how often the attack is on New York? I have come up with theories as to why aliens, monsters, and super-villains love to destroy this particular place.

  • A lot of people to kill. I don't how many people live in New York, but I do know that's a whole lot of potential causalities in one place.
  • It's an iconic place. At least for Americans.
  • It lets us know things just got serious. You know things aren't going to be pretty when the Statue of Liberty is covered in a glacier.
  • 9/11 parallels. Maybe?
  • That's where most of the superheros seem to live. Name any big time superhero that lives in a non-fictional city. Odds are, they live in or near New York.
  • Lots of stuff to destroy. Along with the many causalities and the iconic-ness of the place, there's a lot of things to smash, break, or blow to bits.

Have you got any more theories about this?

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