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Friday, August 15, 2014

Fanfiction Review:Feed The Rain

I've decided fanfiction will be another category for reviews here. And because of how many authors pick their images, I'm just going to add a picture of something involved in the story.

Image credit:Bill Friend of Little Salt Spring on Wikimedia Commons

Premise:Jane Foster discovers the supposedly dead Loki has been visiting her and is obsessed with her.


Based on:Thor, Avengers, Thor:The Dark World, plus other Marvel movies (so spoilers!)

Rating:T (language, descriptions of sexual desire, and some violence)

Genres:Romance, supernatural

Notes:You can read it on Fanfiction here. Image included is not connected to story, but serves for the purpose of this review.

Pros:Doesn't rush into things on Jane's side. Loki.

Cons:Not a lot actually happens beyond exposition. One of the original characters.

Jane wishes she could hate him and stop thinking about him. But even after seeing everything he did, somehow she can't. But he's dead, isn't he? Well, not quite.

On the bright side of things, it doesn't hurry into the relationship. Jane doesn't want to suddenly spend the rest of her life with the man who tried to destroy her planet. She still has feelings for Thor, but she is kind of upset with him. Meanwhile, she isn't sure whether she's being harsh for thinking Loki is evil or naive for thinking he might not be. And I kind of liked Loki being a stalker. His evilness is not diminished; it is clear that he's not trustworthy or safe.

On the other hand, most of it is just characters explaining things. So if you prefer action, you'll be disappointed. And one of the original characters bothered me a bit with the way she seemed to suggest Jane can choose to love Loki.

Overall, I've seen worse. If you like Lokane, check it out.

Mild spoilers below

Sex:Mention is made of Jane not being used to sharing a bed, but she does like falling asleep in Thor's arms. As stated, Loki is obsessed with Jane and has been since the events of Thor. He talks about giving her all she would ever want and making her want him in a sexual way. He says he considered raping her in her sleep, but decides there's no point if she didn't know. He then kisses her. A symbol is said to possibly represent unbridled sexual desire.

Violence:References are made to previous events that caused death and destruction. Even though New York was attacked a year before, it's still in bad shape. Greenwich on the other hand is recovering well.
Jane remembers slapping Loki for destroying New York, a disturbingly real-looking illusion of Thor's severed hand, Loki being impaled and "killed", and herself being thrown to the ground by Loki and then by explosions.
Loki describes himself as being chaos, fear, and destruction. He chokes someone (leaving a bruise), threatens to kill a woman if she gets in his way, and states he would destroy worlds for Jane. A supernatural item cases mild injury to an evildoer.

Language:"H*ll", "g*dd**n", "gods", "bulls**t", and "d**n".

Drugs/Alcohol:I didn't catch anything.

Spiritual:Jane denies the existence of ghosts and magic. When something potentially supernatural happens, she decides she'll try harder to believe, though she still thinks it's ridiculous. She runs across a woman on the street selling items like tarot cards, crystals, and other occult-related items. This woman's granddaughter gives Jane an apparently magical item to protect her from someone dangerous.
Loki plants a spell on a woman. When he was temporarily king of Asgard back in Thor, he used his all-seeing power to watch Jane. Asgardians are referred to as gods. It's suggested someone has precognition.

So what do you think?

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