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Monday, August 25, 2014

Movie Review:Galaxy Quest

Premise:The cast of a sci-fi show are mistaken by aliens for real heroes.

Cast:Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith, Sigourney Weaver as Gwen DeMarco, Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane, Daryl Mitchell as Tommy Webber, Tony Shalhoub as Fred Kwan, Sam Rockwell as Guy, Enrico Colantoni as Mathesar, Robin Sachs as Sarris, Jed Rees as Teb, Missi Pyle as Laliari, Patrick Breen as Quellek, Justin Long as Brandon

Director:Dean Parisot

MPAA Rating:PG for some action violence, mild language and sensuality

Genres:Comedy, sci-fi

Notes:Poster taken from IMP Awards.

Pros:It's funny. The Thermians. Entertaining characters. The villain. An actual plot.

Cons:A couple mildly annoying characters.

After thirty or so years, Star Trek could use a spoof movie or two.

An entire race of aliens, the Thermians, base their life and ship on what they think are historical documents, but what is actually a cheesy sci-fi show. It's a little sad (which is played up), but at the same time, it's hilarious. So imagine the cast's surprise when these same aliens need help with an evil general.

The characters were a lot of fun, though a couple were a little annoying. And Sarris is a dark villain in a light film. But even so, it doesn't get too dark. He brings just enough drama to the movie without taking away from the funniness.

In spite of the PG rating, it's not a kids movie. Besides, it would be better appreciated by adults. There's some violence, language, and innuendo. Actually, the MPAA description sums it up rather well.

If you're looking for a sci-fi comedy, I recommend this.

Sex:Jason, the male lead, loses his shirt, something his friend sarcastically comments on. The main lady Gwen's shirt gets torn open, showing her bra/cleavage. She talks about an interview that was spent on how her boobs fit in her costume rather than her character. Someone checks out her boobs.
Mention is made of Galaxy Quest dancers. Jason hangs out at home in just a shirt. He bend over with four people behind him (the camera shows him from the front). Small aliens have human-like butts.
A male human and a female alien fall in love. They fall to the floor kissing with her tentacles wrapping around him. Another watches and remarks "That's not right!" A human couple also kisses while fan girls cheer. Jason flirts with an alien, while Gwen mentions his character slept with a lot of female aliens on the show. A woman backs up from embracing a man because he lives with his mother. A woman blows a man a kiss.
More seriously, it's mentioned Sarris has captured female Thermians for his own purposes.

Violence:Jason orders aliens to fire on Sarris's ship, thinking it's just a special effect. Sarris later returns the favor. The navigator's first real life flight scrapes against a space structure. Mines crash into the ship.
Small, childlike aliens tear an injured peer apart and chase the crew. A creature is turned inside out and blown up, spraying colorful guts everywhere. An dead alien splats against a ship. A man is vaporized. Jason is knocked unconscious with a rock. A pig-lizard and a rock creature attack him. He and a friend fake a fight to trick enemies. Characters tackle and beat up enemies.
Someone injured in a way that hinders his ability to walk. Someone else breaks his arm. A character is shot dead. People are suffocated and sucked out airlocks. Gwen and Jason run through a section of chopping things and over a flame pit. Gwen decides that episode was badly written and whoever wrote it should die. Aliens wave some creepy tools at the crew. People pick up scrapes and burns.
Sarris tortures someone with electricity for days (this isn't the only time he tortures someone onscreen or off). His victim begs to die. He also shoots a room full of people, carries his lieutenant's head on a stick, and beats Jason. He later gets a taste of his own medicine. When he doesn't get an answer to a question, he tells his men to take a woman to be tortured. One possibility of activating an artifact is destroying all matter in the universe.

Drugs/Alcohol:When a man is asked where he's going, he says he's looking for a pub. Jason pours himself a drink and wakes up with a hangover. He complains he needs Advil. Gwen mentions she didn't think it was possible to get that drunk. A man wonders if someone else is stoned (said character is implied to be a stoner).

Language:At least one "G*dd**n". Also "G*d", "r*tard", "h*ll", "screw", "d**n", "a**", "bloody", and "full of it."

Spiritual:There's mention of the Great Nebula Burst (the Big Bang?). A Thermian says "Thank Ipthar!", which seems to be like "Thank God!"

So what was your opinion?

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