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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Age 18 Vs. Age 21

Someone I know is about to hit legal drinking age, and his mom said they need to think of something special to celebrate this because it's a big deal. But I have to ask, why is turning 21 a bigger deal than turning 18?

Let's take a look at what can legally happen in America once you hit these ages.

At 18, you can
  • vote.
  • have sex with people 18 or older.
  • buy someone under 18 an R-rated movie or M-rated game.
  • smoke tobacco.
  • get married (I realize you can married before that in some cases, but not every state allows minors to marry).
  • get kicked out of the house because your parents aren't legally responsible for you anymore. 

And at 21, you can
  • drink alcohol.
  • gamble.

Hmm, so remind me again why 21 is such a huge deal.

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