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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Album Review:Beauty From Pain


Melissa Brock, Tricia Brock, Matt Dally, Brandon Estelle, Dave Ghazarian, Max Hsu, Toby McKeehan

Pop, Christian rock

General thoughts:I've noticed most of the Christian artists I listen to are male. Nothing against them or guys; I just think it would be nice if I could find some Christian ladies who are also good musicians. There are a few gender-specific songs, but luckily most of it can be applied to both guys and girls. Nothing against songs like that; it's just that I don't want a band (particularly one that's female-fronted) to sing only those kind of songs.

So what do they sing about? A mix of encouragement, pain, and hope. Some is aggressive in its style, other bits are calmer, some are a mix of the two.

Overall, while it's not perfect, I did enjoy it and would recommend it.

Track Listing:

1. Anthem
This screams "girl power", even though some lyrics say it's for "everyone who never quit when things got hard." Not bad.
2. Pure
This one is about faith even when life gets rocky. Enjoyable.
3. Bowling Ball
This urges girls to get out of bad relationships. Fairly good.
4. Stories (Down To The Bottom) ft. TobyMac
Thoughts:This is about God and hard circumstances. It's my least favorite song here.
5. Wishes
This is a breakup song. The speaker wishes things could have been different, but realizes she needs to move on. Pretty good.
6. Beauty From Pain
A melancholy song about becoming stronger through adversity. Pretty good.
7. It's On
This tells you to keep going even if you feel unable. Enjoyable.
8. Suddenly
This continues the theme of pain and strength. I would call it my favorite on this album.
9. Courage
This is a slower track about a girl with an eating disorder. It's okay, but unfortunately, annoying vocals prevent it from reaching its full potential.
10. We Live
This is about mortality and living life to the fullest. It's not bad.

So what did you think? Was it super? Or more like a super disappointment?

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