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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Album Review:Between The Fence And The Universe EP

Artist:Kevin Max

Songwriters:Kevin Max, Erick Cole, Jason Gamer, Cary Barlowe, Leonard Cohen

Genres:Christian rock, pop

General thoughts:Admittedly, I haven't listened to a whole lot of Kevin Max's music. I've heard some dc Talk, but that isn't even close to the type of music he has to offer here. That's mostly hip-hop/rap. This is more pop/rock.

But you're no doubt wondering, is it any good? I would say, yeah. There's aggressive rock, hopeful tracks about living in a messed-up world, and sad pop songs about broken relationships.

Overall, if you find it for a good price, I would pick it up. Or just buy the first few songs.

Track Listing

1. Seek
Thoughts:This is a rock tribute to God's awesomeness. Yeah, it's good.
2. 21st Century Darlings
Thoughts:This is about how screwed up we are, and the most aggressive track on the album. I like it a lot.
3. Irish Hymn
Thoughts:This admits that everything sucks and we all die, but there's still hope. It's not bad.
4. Stranded 72.5
Thoughts:This is about the fact that we're all struggling to survive. This isn't bad either.
5. Golden
Thoughts:This is a melancholy song about a relationship that ended badly. It tells the listener to not neglect such a love. It's pretty good.
6. Hallelujah
Thoughts:This is a Leonard Cohen cover. The chorus has an echo-y quality that I'm not really a fan of. Overall, I've heard better versions of this song.
7. To The Dearly Departed
Thoughts:This reminds someone that even in departure and feeling down, they are never alone. It's the only song here I didn't really like, primarily because of its style.

So what was your opinion? Did you like it? Or are you on the fence?

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