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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Album Review:Lindsey Stirling

Artist:Lindsey Stirling

Songwriters:Lindsey Stirling

Genres:Classical, dub-step

General thoughts:I'm not unfamiliar with musicians who are kind of out there in their style (Owl City anyone?). And not too long ago, another artist has joined that list.

Her music makes you want to tap your foot, or dance. It has violin, technical blips, and stuff that makes you want to move to the music. What I can tell you is that you have never heard anything else quite like it.

Overall, I liked it and would say give it a listen. And I would recommend buying the Target exclusive version because it comes with the deluxe edition tracks and a cover of "My Immortal".

Track Listing

 1. Electric Daisy Violin
 2. Zi-Zi's Journey
 3. Crystallize
 4. Song Of The Caged Bird
 5. Moon Trance
 6. Minimal Beat
 7. Transcendence
 8. Elements
 9. Shadows
10. Spontaneous Me 
11. Anti Gravity
12. Stars Align

Deluxe edition tracks

13. Crystallize (Orchestral remix)
14. Transcendence (Orchestral remix)
15. Elements (Orchestral remix)
16. Crystallize mashup (remix by Wild Children)
17. My Immortal (Target exclusive track)

So what did you think?

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