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Friday, September 05, 2014

Album Review:The Anatomy Of The Tongue In Cheek

Artist:Relient K

Songwriters:Matthew Thiessen, Matthew Hoopes

Genres:Christian rock, punk

General thoughts:With their last album being mostly silly with a little bit of seriousness, this one has a better balance between the two. Both kinds of songs vary in quality. Lyrically, it's clear the band is still growing up, making this feel aimed mainly at teens and preteens.

The short tracks aren't much to speak of and can be skipped with little consequence.

Overall, if you like Relient K, check it out.

Track Listing:

1. Kick-Off
Thoughts:A goofy little track hoping you haven't grown sick of the band. No big deal.
2. Pressing On
Thoughts:An upbeat song about moving past one's problems. I'm not really a fan of cheery songs, but I like this one.
3. Sadie Hawkins Dance
Thoughts:A song about, no surprise, a Sadie Hawkins dance. Not bad.
4. Down In Flames
Thoughts:This is about Christians fighting each other. A little rough, but pretty good.
5. Maybe It's Maybeline
Thoughts:This is about constantly blaming people. It's okay.
6. Breakdown
Thoughts:This is about the speaker's car breaking down. Ehh.
7. Those Words Are Not Enough
Thoughts:A song about adoring God. It's okay, not great.
8. For The Moments I Feel Faint
Thoughts:A quiet song about Jesus being strong and a source of hope. It's good.
9. Lion Wilson
Thoughts:An instrumental lead-in to the next track. Ehh.
10. I'm Lion-O
Thoughts:A silly homage to Thundercats. I'm not that into it.
11. What Have You Been Doing Lately?
Thoughts:This is about people's lives needing improvement. Lyrically, it's not too bad. The delivery is a little hyper, though.
12. May The Horse Be With You
Thoughts:A humorous song full of horse puns. It's kind of funny.
13. My Way Or The Highway...
Thoughts:This is about making the choice of whether or not to follow God. It's one of the better tracks.
14. Breakfast At Timpani's
Thoughts:A short joke track. Nothing special.
15. The Rest Is Up To You
Thoughts:This is about figuring out how to solve your own problems. It's one of the better songs.
16. Failure To Excommunicate
Thoughts:This is about outcasts and facing persecution. Not too bad.
17. Less Is More
Thoughts:This is a track about humility and devotion to Jesus. It's slow in parts, but picks up in others. Not bad.

So what did you think?

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