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Friday, September 12, 2014

Album Review:Two Lefts Don't Make A Right...But Three Do

Artist:Relient K

Songwriters:Matt Thiessen

Genres:Christian rock, punk

General thoughts:Still in their early stages, the band offers lots of silly and some seriousness. Each album up to and including Forget And Not Slow Down seems to be an improvement on the last.

This will probably appeal to teens and twenty-somethings the most, with the only semi-serious nature of many songs and the references to college and other problems faced by the above group.

Overall, definitely get it if you like Relient K.

Track Listing:

1. Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, And Things Like Chemistry
Thoughts:A silly opener that doesn't really seem meant to be taken seriously. It's not stellar, but it isn't terrible either.
2. Mood Rings
Thoughts:A song about giving girls mood rings so guys will have a clue what they're thinking. Entertaining, if a little sexist.
3. Falling Out
Thoughts:This is about falling out of style with people, but not with God. Slightly cheesy, but overall not bad.
4. Forward Motion
Thoughts:This is about having trouble with moving forward. I like it.
5. In Love With The 80's (Pink Tux To The Prom)
Thoughts:A homage to the 1980's. Not bad.
6. College Kids
Thoughts:A semi-humorous track about why college is not all it's cracked up to be. Not bad either.
7. Trademark
Thoughts:In this, the speaker admits to having a habit of screwing up. Could be better.
8. Hoopes I Did It Again
Thoughts:Another semi-serious song about messing up. I'm not a fan.
9. Overthinking
Thoughts:This ponders a relationship and decides it's not worth it. There are several points where the singer noticeably takes a breath, but otherwise I like it.
10. I Am Understood?
Thoughts:This addresses God, saying He's the only one who truly understands the speaker. Having related to this, I enjoy it.
11. Getting Into You
Thoughts:An acoustic track about getting into God. Fairly good.
12. (Unknown)
Thoughts:This sounds like it was recorded by accident. Nothing special.
13. Gibberish
Thoughts:A goofy track of and about gibberish. Good for a laugh.
14. From End To End
Thoughts:This is about getting through to someone who doesn't want to listen. It's good.
15. Jefferson Aero Plane
Thoughts:An upbeat track about, well I don't know. I like it, though. There's also a hidden rap track about silly shoes after it.

So what did you think?

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