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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crying At Movies


I don't really cry at movies. I don't cry much in general to be honest, unless I'm really mad or someone I know died. Nothing against those who do cry at movies. But don't take this to mean I don't care what happens to the characters at all. The fact that I'm not tearing up doesn't mean it isn't sad. And please don't say stuff like "If you didn't cry at this part, you have no soul." It's insulting.

So if you're interested, these are what did make me cry.

The Lion King - Mufasa's death

It doesn't help that I watched this not long after our dog Teddy died.

My Dog Skip's ending
This one I saw only once, but it did make me cry.

The last two episodes of Warehouse 13's third season (Spoilers)
The undercover guy gets killed just because the villain has no use for him anymore. The other characters' reactions just make it worse, as does the next episode.

Special mention - Titanic

I didn't actually cry at this one, but I still felt really sad watching all those people die.

So what movies cause you to start tearing up?

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