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Monday, September 01, 2014

Game Review:Portal 2

Premise:Chell is forced to once again solve puzzles to satisfy an evil A.I.

Cast:Ellen McLain as GLaDOS, the working turrets and Caroline, Stephen Merchant as Wheatley, J.K. Simmons as Cave Johnson, Dee Bradley Baker as robots

Available on:PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3

ESRB Rating:E10+ for fantasy violence and mild language

Genres:Puzzle, first-person shooter

Notes:Box art taken from Portal Wiki and belongs to Valve.

Pros:Enjoyable gameplay. Adds more sci-fi stuff to play with. Dialogue is still funny. The multiplayer.

Cons:Un-necessary language.

After escaping Aperture last time only to get dragged back in, you wake up to do some exercises. And then you go back to sleep and wake up again. This time, the room is a mess and you're informed you've been there a while. And soon, it's right back to testing.

Game-play's still plenty entertaining. The developers seemed to have realized that they should give you more to play with than just the same portals. That's where the gels come in. Blue makes you bounce, orange speeds you up, and white makes surfaces portal-able. They also throw in solar bridges. It's all pretty fun.

I haven't completed the multiplayer campaign, but so far I've liked it. This one gives you the same stuff as the single player mode, but with four portals instead of just two. It also lets you come back if you die without going to a game-over.

The dialogue is as funny as ever. And this time, we have more than twice the characters offering it. I'll gather a few of my favorite lines in the Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia post.

Overall, it's a lot of fun and worth picking up.

Sex:Cave Johnson calls his assistant "pretty as a postcard" and adds she's "married to science." He also remarks his lab techs wouldn't know the thrill of danger "if it walked up and snapped their little pink bras."
You could be persuaded to jump into a bottomless pit by the offer of boy bands and men who haven't seen women in so long, they won't care you'll all sweaty from testing. A core compliments Chell's looks and adds he has a black belt in several things, including "bedroom." What?

Violence:As with the first game, watch out for turrets, toxic floors, and neurotoxin. There are also spiky panels and bombs. Getting some achievements require you to do suicidal things like jump into a pit. Turrets catch fire and explode. The computer tells you putting your face against one of the solar paths would set your hair on fire.
It's mentioned turrets can feel simulated pain. You also need to kill some to continue in your quest, which might raise some questions about whether it's self-defense or murder. The container you're in at the start is trashed with you inside. And all the other test subjects are apparently dead.

Language/Insults:G*d, bloody, crap, h*ll, d**n. Cave Johnson says "son of a gun" and "Black Mesa can eat my bankrupt-" before he's cut off. The computer calls Chell fat, a horrible person, garbage, useless, and cruel. She's also mocked for being adopted because according to the computer, her birth parents abandoned her and don't love her.

Drugs/Alcohol:Testing gives the AI a sensation of pleasure which can be compared to either an orgasm or a drug high, particularly with the mention a tolerance is built up. Ashtrays appear in the background.

Spiritual:Wheatley says "Let there be light" and notes he's quoting God. He also mentions a guy who chopped up his staff of robots and you can still hear the replicants's screams. He calls this story not paranormal in any meaningful way. A villain mentions taking up reanimating the dead as a hobby once Chell dies. Someone on a monitor calls it a god face.

So what did you think?

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