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Friday, September 12, 2014

Religion Vs. Relationship

I need a personal relationship with God.

It's something Christians say a lot. But it's one of those things that you know in your mind, but sometimes you need a little extra time to process it in your heart.

Because even if your friends and family are good to you, they don't always get it. You can't tell them everything going on in your life, in your head. There's always that worry they'll judge you or act like your problems don't matter. And subscribing to just religion can make you feel like nothing's happening.

But God is different. He has seen you at your ugliest and most terrible. He knows all the times you screwed up, all your angry thoughts, the selfish desires. He knows about everything bad thing you've ever done and ever will do.

And He still loves you.

I desperately need that relationship. To know I can talk to someone, voice all my flaws and my doubts and never worry about being criticized or rejected. To have someone that doesn't ask why I'm feeling so horrible and instead just wants me to stay in their arms while they help me through it.

So even when I'm doubting what I believe, I still need something to hang onto. There's a reason God is called Wonderful Counselor.

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