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Monday, September 22, 2014

Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia:Frozen

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Yeah, I know I posted the review months ago. But I had some good ideas for this.

  • I think Anna must have read a lot of fairytales as a kid. It would certainly explain why she thinks love happens overnight.

  • Have you noticed how half the songs in the movie either reference "Let It Go" or make it sound like Elsa's singing a deleted line from that song?

  • Notice after Kristoff calls him a thief, Oaken doesn't sound angry or insulted. He sounds hurt.

Image credit:Clipart

  • Honest Trailers called the movie a full-length music video for "Let It Go". Most music videos tend to make little sense and have you asking lots of questions about what the artist was trying to say with it.

  • Elsa really should stop making dramatic motions with her arms. Whenever she does, ice flies out.

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