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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Album Review:House Of Heroes

Artist:House of Heroes
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Songwriters:A.J. Babcock, Tim Skipper, Colin Rigsby

Genres:Rock, alternative

General thoughts:Most of the rock bands I listen to, unsurprisingly, are pretty emotional. Bonus points if they're also male-fronted and Christian. But compared to most bands I've heard over the years such as Switchfoot or Relient K, this is kind of dark. In fact, I'd be quicker to compare it to something like Evanescence.

Subject matter includes the fact that the world around us is messed up and cares more about things that don't end up mattering that much. There's also watching people you love suffer. A few underwhelming lyrics pop up now and again, but nothing that ruins the whole thing.

Overall, I liked it and would recommend to those who don't mind some dark lyrics mixed in with their Christian rock.

Track Listing

1. Buckets For Bullet Wounds
Thoughts:This is about how everything is just messed up or corrupted. Not too bad.
2. Fast Enough
Thoughts:This is about a girl who unsuccessfully tries to numb her pain through sex. It's not damning or judgmental, it just admits that the hurt isn't going away. Definitely worth a listen.
3. Friday Night
Thoughts:This is about wanting more from your life than pain and frustration. It's not bad, but I like it better when I listen to it separately from the previous track.
4. Mercedes Baby
Thoughts:This one kind of reminded me of the Switchfoot song "Company Car". It's about selling yourself just to gain something. Meh, nothing to get excited about.
5. Serial Sleepers
Thoughts:If I had a guess, I'd say this is about evangelism and that keeping quiet is resulting in people going to hell. It's not bad, though the instrumental at the end can be skipped without missing anything.
6. Make A Face Like You Mean It (Vampires)
Thoughts:This is about sacrificing integrity and creativity to the people who run things, comparing them to vampires. Pretty good.
7. Metaphor In Parentheses
Thoughts:This is about a couple facing some dark times. Not bad.
8. Pulling Back The Skin
Thoughts:This is about an ex you don't want to be with but you aren't entirely over and hating the person they're with now. Okay, not spectacular.
9. The Bois De'Arc Circus
Thoughts:This is just a short instrumental track. It isn't bad, but it doesn't really stick out either.
10. Suicide Baby
Thoughts:This seems to be about realizing how much you care about someone after they decide they don't want to live anymore. It's mildly repetitive, but it's worthwhile.
11. Angels In Top Hats, Cups Full Of Blood
Thoughts:This is about someone you care about being comatose. It starts out pretty good, but somewhere in the second half it doesn't even sound like the same song. I liked it, but it should have been shorter.

Content warnings:A few songs contain drug references, though not in a positive context. Others reference violence and suicide. As mentioned, one song is about using sex to treat emotional pain.

So what was your opinion?

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