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Friday, October 03, 2014

Album Review:The Legend Of Chin

Taken from the official site.

Songwriters:Jonathan Foreman, Casey Gee

Genres:Christian rock, alternative

General thoughts:Throughout their career, Switchfoot has produced mostly two kinds of songs:Introspective rock and quieter, sadder tracks. This album is mostly the latter. This is mellow, quiet-evening or lazy-afternoon kind of music for the most part.

On the whole, this is definitely worth checking out for fans of the band.

Track listing

 1. Bomb
Thoughts:Have you ever waited for something to wake you up, make you come alive? The speaker did, and it's finally happening. The sound is kind of mellow rock. I like it.
 2. Chem 6A
Thoughts:This is about laziness. You don't what to study or do anything. It's not bad.
 3. Underwater
Thoughts:This seems to be about a lonely girl. I must have listened to it a thousand times. Seriously, the iTunes library lists it as having over 1000 plays.
 4. Edge Of My Seat
Thoughts:This is a "can't get you off my mind" song. It's the fastest paced track on the album. Not bad.
 5. Home
Thoughts:Melancholy, yet hopeful. Pretty good.
 6. Might Have Ben Hur
Thoughts:In this, a guy works up the courage to tell a girl he loves her. I like it because nowhere does he say anything that's lust or infatuation mistaken for love. He thinks she's the one to share his pain and joy.
 7. Concrete Girl
Thoughts:This tells the "concrete girl" to stay steady in a broken world. I enjoyed it.
 8. Life And Love And Why
Thoughts:This talks a little about life and death. It's not bad.
 9. You
Thoughts:This is about finding peace in God. Fairly good.
10. Ode To Chin
Thoughts:This is the heaviest song on the album. Not bad.
11. Don't Be There
Thoughts:A quiet and sad song about... I don't know. Pretty good, though.

So what was your opinion? Legendary? Or forgettable?

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