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Friday, October 31, 2014

Game Review For The Walking Dead:The Game - Season 1

Premise:A convicted killer and a little girl stick with a group of survivors during the zombie apocalypse.

Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett, Melissa Hutchison as Clementine, Gavin Hammon as Kenny, Cissy Jones as Katjaa, Jolene, and Brie, Max Kaufman as Duck, Nikki Rapp as Lily Caul, Terence McGovern as Larry Caul, Nick Herman as Glenn Rhee, Nicole Vigil as Carley, Sam Joan as Doug, Mark Middleton as Mark, Chuck Kourouklis as Hershel Greene, Peter Edward Mussard as Shawn Greene, Brian Sommer as Danny St. John, Adam Harrington as Andy St. John, Jeanie Kesley as Brenda St. John, Roger Jackson as Charles, Owen Thomas as Omid, Mara Junot as Christa and Anna Correa, Erin Yvette as Molly, Mark Barbolak as the cop

Available On:
Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, Xbox One

ESRB Rating:
M for blood and gore, intense violence, sexual themes, and strong language

Action adventure, horror, point-and-click

Cover art taken from IMDB.

Decent main character and story. Mildly entertaining. Lets you rewind if you get stuck.

Terrible graphics. The controls. Panic sequences. The choices are often pointless. The voice acting on Clementine.

As a man convicted for killing his wife's boyfriend is driven down to his new home, something appears in the road. Something human and yet inhuman. Something that should be 100% dead, but is up and walking around. The zombie apocalypse has begun.

I had seen the first three seasons of the TV show before I played this (haven't read the comics, though). So the constant character deaths and the survivors who lost their minds didn't surprise me. But it did get pretty bleak. And what some of the less moral survivors did really disturbed me in a way I wasn't expecting.

Adding choices doesn't do much, considering the outcome is often the same no matter what you do. And one choice in particular doesn't make sense:In one part, you're forced to pick one of two people to save and the one you don't save dies. But one of them had a gun, which even if not loaded, still could have been used to get the zombie grabbing at her off. And if it hadn't been loaded, it would have been nice to know that. But I don't seem to like the "your choices affect the story" games that much, anyway.

There are several panic sequences where you'll be forced to act fast or die. Several I had to repeat because apparently I didn't do what it wanted me to. And the controls in these sequences are point-and-click, which might not be so bad on a computer mouse. But for a game controller, it's a different story. And frankly, the graphics suck. They look like something from the Playstation 2. The characters aren't even bad-cartoon-style animation, they're just bad. Come on guys, you can do better than that.

On the bright side, the main character isn't so bad, especially for a convicted killer. The story's okay. And if you get stuck, you have the option of going back to your last checkpoint.

So if you love Walking Dead or zombies, maybe think about it. Otherwise, there are much better games similar to this.

Sex:Lee's wife had an affair with a senator. Some characters show romantic interest in others. A couples of references to testicles and castration. Overall, I didn't see anything that justified the "sexual themes" part of the rating.
Being a M-rated game about zombies, there's quite a bit, as well as plenty of blood and gore. You'll bash in zombie heads, watch people get shot and often killed (once causing a character to puke), get injured in a car crash, find someone after his legs have been cut off, watch a man's head get bashed in with a huge block, and see various people get eaten (and not just by zombies). Depending on how you decide to play things, you might chop a guy's leg off, let a woman get eaten alive or mercy kill her, drop someone to his death, and kill a man with a pitchfork. A man has a heart condition that results in some bad situations.
Of course, you run into some people who took the whole end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it thing worse than others. Some became cannibals or bandits. A few threaten to kill children. Others commit suicide.

Language:Plenty of words like "f**k", "s**t", "J*sus", "d**n", "G*d", "a**hole", "Chr*st", "g*dd**n", "d**k", "balls", etc. are used constantly.

Drugs/Alcohol:Drugs are used for medical purposes. Characters share drinks a couple times. When things get especially bleak, a guy gets drunk. Yet he appears sober shortly after.

Spiritual:A woman calls the zombies satanic and un-Christian. Someone holed up in a motel mentions he has been reading the Bible he found in his room; the person he tells this says that's what it's for. When a character uses Christ's name as a curse, someone responds "It's just the opposite." A potential escape is called an answered prayer. A man calls himself a Christian, but his actions suggest otherwise. Church bells are used to draw walkers.

So what were your thoughts?

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