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Friday, October 03, 2014

Pushy & Loud Ain't The Way

Sorry about the bad quality. I ended up doing this at the last minute.

When Jesus said to "confess God in front of men", I don't think He meant taking every opportunity to tell people you are a Christian. Remember when He said to "enter thy closet" when you pray? That means don't make a big show of it.

And one more thing:Sharing a status about Jesus being your savior doesn't make you any more spiritual than not sharing it would. Please stop posting those annoying statuses that tell me otherwise.

Imagine if someone was trying to tell you to say, eat more health food. If they harassed you with it every time you ate anything. In fact, you'd probably ignore them. So my point is, don't act like an obnoxious salesman when you talk to other people about Jesus.

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