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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Soundtrack Review:The Dark Knight Rises

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Composers:Hans Zimmer, Andrew Zack, Lorne Balfe, Mel Wesson, Tom Holkenborg

General thoughts:If Batman and his movies are dark and brooding, then you'd expect the background music to be that way. And you would be right.

A few tracks sound creepy in a not-immediate danger kind of way, more you know something bad is going to happen soon. Others skip that and go straight for "bad stuff is happening right now."

It sounds very similar to the scores to the other movies, so if you've already bought the soundtrack for Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, just skip this.

Overall, I recommend it to anybody who loves Batman.

Track Listing

1. A Storm Is Coming
2. On Thin Ice
3. Gotham's Reckoning
4. Mind If I Cut In?
5. Underground Army
6. Born In Darkness
7. The Fire Rises
8. Nothing Out There
9. Despair
10. Fear Will Find You
11. Why Do We Fall
12. Death By Exile
13. Imagine The Fire
14. Necessary Evil
15. Rise

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