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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ridiculous and Pointless Stuff (I Do Anyway)

These things are nonsensical and unproductive. I know they are. Yet for some reason, I continue to do them.

  • Fixing my hair before my self-defense class:Even thought a) no one cares and b) it's going to be a disaster by the end anyway.
  • Changing blog and post addresses:It's going to break any links that were there, so why do it? Really, why?
  • Watching shows and movies I don't like:Now that I review them here, I at least have an excuse. But still. Why did I watch all ten seasons of Smallville when I didn't even enjoy it that much?
  • Staying up ridiculously late when I need to get up early the next day:Getting up to do something is in of itself stressful enough. Lack of sleep will not help anything.
  • Reading articles that spoil shows and movies I plan to watch:Seriously, why?
  • Waiting until the last minute to get ready:My mind tells me "Don't worry, you've still got time." And then I run a serious risk of being late.

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