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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Things Thor 3 Should Do

First, let me say that I liked the first Thor movie as well as the second one. But there are some things about them I hated. Here's what I'd like to see in the next one.

Give Sif a larger role

For a character who ends up Thor's girlfriend/wife in the comics and the Norse myths, she hasn't played that big a part in things. And let's be honest:She's one of the best female characters the MCU has to offer. Let her show that. I don't even care if they make her Thor's official lady or not. Just let her be awesome.

Introduce a good villain who isn't Loki
I like Loki as much as the next fan, but so far, the other villains have sucked. Laufey is easy to forget and Malekith ended up rather flat. Bring in a baddie we can love (or love to hate).

Let Jane be awesome
Something like Dark World climax cool. Just let her be the superwoman of science and actively help Thor and all the main cast.

Tell us what Thanos is planning to do
When is he going to come for his price from Loki? Just give us some idea of what's going on here.

Give Selvig some respect

One of the things I hated about Dark World was what it did to poor Erik Selvig. The man was forced to do the bidding of Loki. He deserves better than being reduced to the comic relief.

Address what happened to Odin
Okay, is he dead? If so, did Loki kill him? Is he imprisoned somewhere? What happened? Come on, tell us!

Anything else?

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