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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

TV Review:House M.D. (Season 1)

Premise:An arrogant doctor and his team cure rare diseases and conditions.

Cast:Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House, Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson, Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman, Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase, Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Alison Cameron, Peter Jacobson as Dr. Chris Taub, Olivia Wilde as Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley

Genres:Drama, medical

Notes:Image taken from IMDB.

Pros:The main character.

Cons:Reckless medical practices. Some annoying characters.

You've probably heard of this show at least once. Brilliant doctor who's also a jerk? Yeah, that.

This show shares traits with a crime procedural. Someone mysteriously dies/falls ill, the team gets the case, goes through some false leads and lying people to get to the end, and the killer/illness turns out to be someone/something unexpected.

One of the problems with this show is the recklessness characters. In trying to save their patients, they often nearly (or more than nearly) kill them. But it's okay, apparently, because House is always right in the end. Rules and people's wishes are considered suggestions.

In spite of that, I liked House. He's the kind of character you'd hate in real life but works well onscreen. He hates other people, finds the most arbitrary excuses to get out of clinic work, and generally acts like a jerk. The other characters weren't as good. Some were preachy, others just plain annoying.

On the whole, it's not a terrible show to watch on reruns.

Sex:Sexual references are made. People are shown in bed and in just their underwear. House makes insulting sexual remarks about other people.

Violence:Given that the show is about everything that can go wrong with the human body, it occasionally gets gross or scary. We get internal visuals of what goes wrong with the patients, and not all of them survive. There's blood, autopsies, broken bones, and other such lovely stuff. Plus plenty of talk about disease and decay.

Language:"H*ll", "crap", "a**", "d**n", etc. A few slurs against gay people are used in one episode. House is often insulting to the people around him.

Drugs/Alcohol:Drugs are used for medical purposes. Patients are tested for drugs. House is addicted to painkillers. Some drinking.

Spiritual:House is an atheist who treats his patients' faith about as respectfully as he treats everything else - that is to say, not at all. His team is less crass about it. Cameron states she doesn't believe in an anthropomorphic God. Some religious people are treated as clueless by the show, others get more respect. A handful of references are made to assorted religions.

So what were your thoughts?

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I liked the show at its beginning but then all the episodes seemed to be the same. They make wrong guesses and almost kill the patient and then House's brilliance saves them. I stopped watching after a while. Some of the actors playing the young doctors moved on to new shows. Love Jennifer Morrison in OUAT better than I ever did in House.

M.R. R. said...

@ Susan Gourley/Kelley
I didn't watch either show past the first season, but I agree on that last point.