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Monday, November 17, 2014

A Look At Loki

I don't have a Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia post for this week. So instead, I'll show you this thing I wrote about Marvel's movie Loki.

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The time I felt most sorry for him was during Thor. Seriously, watch him during his argument with Odin and tell me you don't want to cheer him up. And from what we're told, his father favored Thor over him (though exactly how much is uncertain. It's possible Loki is exaggerating how much favor Odin showed Thor. During their "discussion" in Avengers, Loki says he remembers Thor throwing him into an abyss. That was not the case.) But also note he let the frost giants into Asgard before he found out he was adopted. That indicates he was already on his way down the dark path. And near the end, was he trying to commit suicide, or did he know he would survive?

When Avengers came around, I liked him for different reasons. His time in the abyss and then as Thanos' "guest" had driven him insane. The sympathetic aspects he had before were no longer as strong. He was now a manipulative sadist, which often ends up being the best kind of villain. He made a monster of himself in the short time he was on earth, killing for fun and messing with our heroes' heads to divide them. He's sort of like the Joker in that regard.

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His story was still kind of sad, though. Watching a character turn evil through personal tragedy and anger tends to be. Even so, it's hard to play up the evil aspects of his character without diminishing the sympathetic ones, and vice versa. And there's a theory that he was under mind control during this time. I'm not really a fan of this theory because a) I like him as evil and b) it gives his obsessed fans another excuse to ignore the horrible things he does. I prefer to think that proximity to the Tesserect messed him up. (He did say it "touches" everyone differently.)

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On his ever-changing characterization, it does actually make some sense. Remember he is the god of chaos, so of course he's going to be a bit of a wild card. In Thor, he was a jealous kid looking for his father's approval. In Avengers, he had gone mad from the trip in the abyss and was just plain evil. In The Dark World, he was coming to terms with his imprisonment, defeat, and humiliation, making him a sarcastic anti-hero.

I honestly don't want him entirely redeemed because as mentioned, I like him as a bad guy. I would be fine with a sometimes good, sometimes evil alignment, though. As for what happens in the next movie he's in, I think he's going in the nutty and evil direction again.

And on that note, the ending to Thor:The Dark World scares me. Consider that this is the same man who tried to destroy one world to please his father and another to spite his brother. What kind of damage can and will he do now? And the Agents of SHIELD episode "Yes Men" takes place after that, which means Loki now has his hands on a succubus. I've got the feeling if anyone can resist her charms, it's him. He also likely has the knowledge that the man he stabbed through the heart came back to life. And if Loki himself can survive getting stabbed, can they kill him? And as I noted in my theories for Dark World, Thanos probably isn't done with Loki yet. Which means the universe is doomed.

So what do you think of the character and why?

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