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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Album Review:Alien Youth


Songwriters:John Cooper, Korey Cooper

Genres:Rock, Christian rock

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:I got into a few of Skillet's later albums. So how good is their older stuff?

The aggressive shouting often failed for me. It didn't rile me up or get me pumped or really make me feel anything. What's worse is that there were lyrics that should have emotional, but the delivery killed it. The less aggressive songs I wish I could say were all better, but only a couple of them really are.

Overall, there are a few worthwhile songs, but the album as a whole was disappointing.

Track Listing

1. Alien Youth
Thoughts:This one's about evangelizing the whole world. It can sound a little creepy taken out of context, but it's still a good song.
2. Vapor
Thoughts:This is about our short, short lives. Decent.
3. Earth Invasion
Thoughts:This is a lot like the title track, only easier to take of context and make creepy. Still, not a bad song.
4. You Are My Hope
Thoughts:This is about Jesus and how He's, well you saw the title. Fairly good, and offers a little variety soundwise.
5. Eating Me Away
Thoughts:This song could have been amazing. It could have been a painful plea for help. Instead, the lyrics' potential is wasted by the lack of emotional singing or sound.
6. Kill Me Heal Me
Thoughts:This sounds pretty similar to the last song. Meh.
7. The Thirst Is Taking Over
Thoughts:This one is all about someone (probably God) that satisfies your desire, but yet you still feel the urges increasing. It gets a little repetitive near the end, but it is still a great song and the best on the album.
8. One Real Thing
Thoughts:Here, God is celebrated for making life worth living no matter what happens. It's okay.
9. Stronger
Thoughts:This one's about overcoming the Devil. Again with the shouting, so I'm not into it.
10. Rippin' Me Off
Thoughts:This accuses people who deny God's sovereignty of ripping you off. See above.
11. Will You Be There
Thoughts:This asks the simple question presented in the title, if the person in question will remain even when horrible things happen. Meh.
12. Come My Way
Thoughts:This is the slowest song on the album, can't pinpoint what it's about. Not that great.

So what was your opinion?

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