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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Album Review:Apparitions Of Melody

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Artist:Kids in the Way

Songwriters:Austin Cobb, Eric Carter, David Pelsue, Nathan Ehman, Roland Orzabal, Curt Smith

Genres:Rock, Christian rock

General thoughts:This is another Goodwill find after hearing one song of theirs that I liked. And another old Christian rock album.

The singer's voice is made for shouting and screaming lyrics, which can make it a little strange when things slow down and turn to pleading for help. But once you get used to it, it isn't so bad.

Overall, it's not bad. If you find it for cheap, I'd recommend getting it.

Track Listing

1. Last Day Of 1888
Thoughts:Innocents condemned, understanding lost, and differences leading to murder are all here. Not bad.
2. Safety In The Darkness
Thoughts:The title more or less sums up what it's about. Fairly good.
3. Even Snakes Have Hearts
Thoughts:This shows resentment to someone who betrayed you and broke your heart and gets a little dark. Also worth a listen.
4. Breaking The Legs Of Sheep
Thoughts:This is about getting the smack in the head you need to improve yourself. Not bad.
5. Apparitions Of Melody
Thoughts:This seems to be about our muses coming to us and inspiring us continually. It's plenty aggressive and fairly good.
6. The Seed We've Sown
Thoughts:Here, two people going through life together and learning more about each other. It's a little unique as far as songs like this go (few would use screaming). Not too bad.
7. Sad And Guilty Ways
Thoughts:This is about laying your mistakes and failures to rest. Worth a listen.
8. Blind Behind The Wheel
Thoughts:This uses driving metaphors to describe the pain that continues to come from mistakes. Good song.
9. Burt Rutan
Thoughts:This is about a nation (possibly America) that lives selfishly, not caring who gets hurt in the process or realizing that they're headed for destruction. Decent.
10. Head Over Heels originally by Tears For Fears
Thoughts:According to the original writer, this is supposed to be a love song that gets perverse near the end. It begs the speaker's would-be-love not to break his heart. Not bad.
11. This Could Be The Song That Will Change Your Heart
Thoughts:I've heard songs like these that end an album, are pretty angsty, and excessively long. It's okay.

Content warnings:Several songs use violent metaphors. "Burt Rutan" has the line "We live like whores."

So what did you think?

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