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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Album Review:Mmhmm

Artist:Relient K

Songwriters:Matthew Thiessen

Genres:Christian rock, punk, pop

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:Having put out several albums already, Relient K starts to move away from the more teenage and college-age songs and moves into more serious and mature territory.

Many songs are about fixing or avoiding mistakes and how they've affected relationships (platonic and romantic). Soundwise, most of it is upbeat or hard-hitting, with only a couple of more mellow songs on the album. Though interestingly, some of the harsher tracks end more quietly. It makes it hard not to feel at least a little something when you're listening.

Overall, it's pretty good and worth picking up for fans of Christian rock and the band.

Track Listing

1. The One I'm Waiting For
Thoughts:This is about a girl that everyone's after and how the speaker wants her to be the one. Fairly good.
2. Be My Escape
Thoughts:This begs someone you had a falling out with to come back and save you. Not bad.
3. High Of 75
Thoughts:This is about coming up after feeling down. Despite my aversion to cheerful songs as a whole, I like this one.
4. I So Hate Consequences
Thoughts:This is about trying to run from consequences because of guilt. Definitely worth it.
5. The Only Thing Worse Than Beating A Dead Horse Is Betting On One
Thoughts:Naturally, the shortest song had the longest title. It seems to be about the things we do to trick ourselves into believing we're right and our lives are fine. Not too bad.
6. My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend
Thoughts:This is about the gratitude owed to the ex who drove your girlfriend into your arms. Not bad.
7. More Than Useless
Thoughts:This is about feeling worthless and then being reminded you aren't. Fairly good.
8. Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet
Thoughts:This is about a fighting with a friend. It admits that while the friend has been a jerk, the speaker still loves them (though doesn't currently like them) and has an undeniable taste of resentment, yet a little regret as well. Worth a listen.
9. Let It All Out
Thoughts:This is about being in pain. It's all right.
10. Who I Am Hates Who I've Been
Thoughts:This is an apology to a friend you've hurt. Passable, I'm not enthusiastic about it.
11. Maintain Consciousness
Thoughts:This is a less serious song about ADD. How funny it is will depend on your perspective, but it isn't bad as background music.
12. This Week The Trend
Thoughts:This is about trying to live life functionally and not just wait to die. Not bad.
13. Life After Death And Taxes
Thoughts:This is about forgiveness and the afterlife. Pretty emotional, and one of the better tracks here.
14. When I Go Down
Thoughts:This is about screwing up and hitting rock bottom. It has a slightly less rock-y quality than most of the rest of the songs here. Still, a good track and a good ending to it.

So what was your opinion?

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