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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Album Review:Nu Thang

Image credit:Wikipedia
Artist:dc Talk

Songwriters:Toby McKeehan, Mark Heimermann, Jeff Silvey, Joe Hogue, Jackie Gore, Joel Dobbins, Michael Tait

Genres:Rap/hip hop, gospel

General thoughts:For a band that came out with some great music in its lifetime, dc Talk sure had some pretty bad stuff to start with.

Often, to me, it came off as trying too hard to be cool. That often equals sounding pretty dorky (be it when it was released or in 25 years). It got a little cringeworthy.

On the vocals, I'm not into the rapping much. But I do like Kevin Max's voice. And soundwise, it still sounds like something you'd hear at an 80's themed party (thought it came out in 1990).

Overall, it's a lot like their first album. It's okay, but not anything more than that.

Track Listing

1. When DC Talks
Thoughts:This starts out really dramatic, then turns into something that sounds like an 80's song. Not that good.
2. He Works
Thoughts:This is about God working on your life. Still not good.
3. I Luv Rap Music
Thoughts:This is about exactly what its title suggests. Kind of bad.
4. No More
Thoughts:This is about kissing sin goodbye. It's not too bad.
5. Nu Thang
Thoughts:This is about God working. Eh.
6. Things Of This World
Thoughts:This is about the temporary nature of stuff in this life. It's one of the better songs on the album.
7. Walls
Thoughts:This is about how prejudice divides people. It involves a lot of shouting the title. Still not good.
8. Talk It Out
Thoughts:This is about communication between parents and kids. It's decent.
9. Take It To The Lord
Thoughts:This is about taking your problems to God. It's okay.
10. Children Can Live (Without It)
Thoughts:This is a pro-life anthem. It's actually not that bad.
11. Can I Get A Witness
Thoughts:This is about giving God glory. It's okay.

So what was your opinion? Did it spark something new? Or is it just the same-old, same-old?

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